One Green Bottle released!

ogb release

It’s out! Took a bit longer than expected due to some cover issues. But here’s the link, if you feel tempted. And this is one occasion when giving in to temptation can only be good 🙂 For the moment it’s just the e-version, the paperback will be up in a few days. There are many people I’ve thanked in the acknowledgements, so here I’ll just say thank you to Aaron Meizius, who not only accepted it for publication but has been cooperative and supportive throughout the process.

I haven’t done a quarter of what one should in terms of promotion, so now I’ll have to get stuck into that. OGB is released, but the real work is only just beginning. Competitions, giveaways and things like that. In fact why don’t I start straightaway? Yes! For the next two weeks a free pdf version is available to anyone promising to write an Amazon review afterwards. As far as I can tell, honest Amazon reviews are the single most effective means of getting noticed. So if you want to share your opinion, click here to receive the free version, or write directly to curtis.bausse(at)

cover01 cover04

Speaking of covers, I ran a poll a while ago asking readers choose their favourite. Most opted for the black cover – the red one was third. But when I asked a couple of marketing experts, they said, ‘Oh, no. If it’s on an internet page, you’ve got to go for the red. Stands out better.’ So there you go. I thought I was being all democratic, but power today is with the marketers. As Stendhal no doubt realised, since he covered both angles very cleverly.


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  1. hi Curtis, just dropping by to say I really will get around to reading your MS soon.. I havent forgotton…. just still busy… too much on my plate i guess…… am away next week on business trip will take it with me then to read 🙂
    PS love the new look for your blog, what theme is it?

      • Oh yes, Triton Lite.. i remember looking at that for my blog. it works well.

        As I mentioned somewhere else – I was really riveted. Honestly, I am not a thriller fan. I dont read murder mysteries for fun. they are not my cup of tea. But this was riveting. It took me two or three pages to get into it and after that – I couldnt put it down.

        I thought the way the characters unfolded very gripping, well written, and the last bit at the end that shows more about the character of the killer was great, juxtposing his weird mindset.

        next step – getting around to the amazon review :). I realised after I promised to do this that i have always resisted the urge to review on amazon – always too much else to do – and have dont have an amazon reviewing account.

        Bout time i started, I guess. Anyhow, happy writing – you are working on the sequel now right?

        I have just started the second draft of a historical-fantasy novel set in ancient China. the first draft was not at all good. 🙂

  2. Thanks for your support and comments, Debbie. I’m going through one of my cyclical periods of doubt right now, so your words are extremely heartening! Of course, an Amazon review would be wonderful, but don’t go to any hassle – to be honest, I can’t remember whether it’s complicated or not. I don’t think so, but I probably did it a long time ago, so I don’t remember. All I know is you have to have been an Amazon customer at least once, though any item will do.

    Very glad to hear about your novel. You know the context so well, and from the writing on your blog, I think it should be a cracker! Don’t worry about the first draft – it’s always rubbish, but it gets the ideas down and then they can be developed. Right now I’m on the fifth draft of the sequel, so it’s starting to get that finished look, all the little cracks filled in. It’s a nice feeling!

    • Hi Curtis, i remember reading somewhere that the art of writing is rewriting!
      Im always writing but its very fun now really starting the second draft, realising all the faults of the first, and realising it was just the backstory. some more characters have sneaked in, and some of those minor characters seem to have a life of their own which is driving the story. ive also found an ancient ancient book which the main character stumbles upon, quotes of which seem to pop up at the begnning of chapters – all of which weren’t in the first draft.

      the challenge is to keep it slick and moving, elimanate unnecesary stuff. yours certainly read very well, the supense just built up and up. looking forward to the sequel. even though i was hoping the guy would be caught, i thought the ending was very clever, showing the ‘human’ side of a monster, showing all of his psychological issues.

      anyhow keep writing, get that sequel done, and ill get to the review sometime when i have time! 🙂

      • It sounds like you’ve got a great project there, Debbie. I like the idea of that ancient book and the quotes. The process of seeing it gradually all come together is what I really love about writing, even if the end result never quite matches up the vision. I look forward to hearing about your progress, and many thanks once again for all your comments.

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