The Book a Break Short Story Competition

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Fancy a holiday in Provence? Submit a short story (maximum 2000 words) and you could win a four-night stay for two people in Aix en Provence next summer! Bed and breakfast, en suite accommodation, swimming pool, two dinners, and transport to and from airport / train station. The full details are here.

Why am I doing this? A number of reasons:

  • Last year's competition was a great success.
  • I like reading other people's work.
  • Sherry Morris has kindly accepted to be the judge.
  • To create a bit of buzz. There's no direct connection with my books, but still, it can't do any harm.
  • To make the acquaintance of another writer and talk about the joys, challenges and frustrations of this crazy occupation of ours.
  • I like cooking.
  • A selection of the best entries will go into the 2018 Book a Break Short Story anthology, the proceeds of which go to charity.

This is obviously more likely to appeal to European residents than U.S., Australia, Africa, India etc. (unless they're already planning on being in Europe), but I'd be grateful if you could spread (reblog, tweet, whatever) the news far and wide. And don't hesitate to submit a story yourself!


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  1. Having read the prompt, the rules, and your reasoning, I have concluded this is the best contest ever, and I would happily pay to travel from California to Provence just to talk with you — if I had the means. However, understanding that the future holds all possibilities, I will enter your contest and shall endeavor to write well enough to win.

    • Thanks very much, Sue! Yes, I do hope it can become an annual event, in which case prizes could perhaps be carried over or held in stock, as it were. I look forward to your entry!

  2. Does the winner have to go to Provence or can two others go in the winner’s stead? Say the winner’s mom and dad?

  3. I’m in as a late entrant. Somehow I only saw your reminder not the original message. Three guesses where my story is set?

    Fabulous idea, thanks for the opportunity. x

  4. I’ve just found your competition by accident. I love Provence, remember a village called (I think) St Paul du Vence, full of artists and an amazing view. I nearly walked backwards over a precipice trying to get the best angle for a photograph. If I won (unlikely at this stage), I’d bring my daughter from Ireland or my god daughter from Pays D’oc.
    I haven’t a thought in my head, so I’d better stop writing and think…
    You sound like lovely people.
    Marjorie Quarton.

  5. oh geez, i found your contest after midnight last night, and started writing …. just pushed send from google mail… i hope i you got it… i can’t decide whether i should just push through and try to stay up so that i can go to bed early or crash and suffer the consequences of having my scheduled turned upside down … do you send email acknowledgements on receipt of an entry?

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  7. Dear Curtis,
    How can anyone not enter the chance to natter about books, poolside in Provence with you?!
    One quick question: do we have to include the exact wording of the prompt or could it be, for example:
    ‘I had a long journey ahead of me.’?
    Warmest regards to you and tickles to Smith,
    From a ramshackle, cat-filled home in Italia x

    • Thank you for a lovely comment, Juliet. No, it doesn’t have to be the exact wording, nor even appear as such – as long as there’s the idea of a (long) journey, that’s fine.

      • Thanks very muchly Curtis.

        I’m of the Earnest Hemmingway School of Thought: “Write drunk, edit sober,” so I’d better grab a bottle of something fruity and finish my scribbles.

        Will spread the word about your fab competition…

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