One more week!

Curtis Bausse short story competition

A few more days before the short story competition deadline. Hopefully you’re not still in the whatever zone. And it’s best to avoid the panic zone entirely. It’s OK to shed a few tears – the creative process is worth it. Not too many, though, or you won’t see what you’ve written. However you do it, my sincere thanks to those who’ve already submitted, and I look forward to those still to come. Happy writing!

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  1. Yikes I started mine and the forgot about it! It isn’t very good. My imagination is far bigger than my ability to type and condense. I wouldn’t make a very good writer.

    P.s. I’m loving your book so far 😀

  2. You’re very good spuring us… More or less 10 years ago, I did some writing, a couple of poems..and a little more…. but it’s so difficult!!!! I had some ideas, though writing them… it was something else!!!!! now I’m tired, I don´t feel like … my time is gone. I admire people, like you, who write so well!!!!!

  3. hello, I have written my story but I need to check if all that happens in the prompt has to be part of my story? Do the cats have to disappear? Does he have to be seven or eight and not seventeen? Sorry to be picky but I don’t want to fail for not having met the brief. Thanks!

    • Thanks for the comment – not picky at all! No, the prompt can be used very loosely. Well, on the whole, the cats do disappear but I suppose they don’t have to. Go wherever your imagination wants to take you! I look forward to your entry.

      • oh thanks for your speedy reply. I would prefer not having to straitjacket my story, but they do disappear. Thanks so much. I enjoyed writing it and look forward to submitting.

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