The A to Z Blogging Challenge

A2Z-BADGE [2016]

The condition is so tenacious that pharmaceutical companies have given up looking for a cure. Symptoms include fretting over commas and semicolons, living with a crowd of fictitious characters in your head, craving Amazon reviews, moping over your lack of impact on twitter, and floundering in a mire of self-doubt. Yes, it’s the writer’s affliction.

Tomorrow the A to Z blogging challenge kicks off. It was through the blog of the ever thoughtful, elegant writer Damyanti Biswas, who’s co-hosting this year, that I signed up, choosing the Writer’s Affliction as the theme. So throughout April, you’ll be treated to a series of posts, a few serious but mostly tongue in cheek, about the ridiculous and irrational pursuit of writing. And we start tomorrow with A is for Agent, in which you can learn some invaluable tips from the renowned literary agent, Sydney Lushpile.




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  1. I’m watingfor your posts!!!!! I like a lot to read whatever in ironical way!!!! or as you say “tongue in cheek”!

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