H is for Hello

Number 8 in The A to Z of the Writer’s Affliction, part of the A to Z blogging challenge.

No affliction today, but flash fiction. A couple in fact, transposed from my previous blog, both in response to Matt’s Flash Fiction Foray, where the prompt was the title of the song Hello. There are two because the same prompt was given twice, once with Adele’s song, once with Lionel Richie’s.

Tombstone flash fiction Curtis Bausse blog

‘And here we have – Jonathan, are you listening? A row of ancient stones, behind which are… anyone?’

‘Tombs, Sir?’

‘Good, Georgina! Now, further up, you’ll – Jonathan! Any more trouble, it’s the next plane home.’ Mr. Higgins sighed. School trips… never again! He strode up the path.

Jonathan lingered, unsure what to do. Was it just his imagination? He crouched by the stone again – then leapt away, fell on his back, a shiver running through him. ‘Mr. Higg- ‘ But the group was already disappearing. He scrambled after them, the faraway moan still echoing in his ears. ‘Help! Is anyone there? Hello?’




‘Wow, she’s beautiful!’


Forty minutes and five shandies later, they had the pick-up line. ‘Is it witty enough?’ worried Lee.

‘How do you snog?’

‘What? That’s not witty, it’s gross.’

‘No, how do you? I’ve never done it.’

‘God knows.’ Lee sighed. ‘Here, toss.’

‘Heads.’ Andy breathed deeply, adjusted his jacket, smoothed his hair. ‘Right.’ He walked over. I stepped on a rattlesnake yesterday. Could he really say that? Really?

He smiled, heart pounding. ‘Hello.’

The girl arched an eyebrow. ‘You know what? Piss off.’

‘Here’s a tip,’ Andy said, getting back. ‘Never try the rattlesnake line, OK?’

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  1. If I were Jonathan, the next plane home couldn’t depart soon enough to suit me.

    The cover of It Came to Pass intrigues me. Is it as textured as it appears? Or is that an artful illusion?

    • Yes, not only are there weird voices in a tomb but Mr. Higgins is a dreadful bore. The cover is just a photo editing effect on powerpoint – very easy!

  2. Hahahaha… by the way. I did kiss a snake… I’ll send my picture!!! It was…not really snogged… but…well I can’t explain!!!! good for the story!

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