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Number 9 in The A to Z of the Writer’s Affliction, part of the A to Z blogging challenge.

Tidy the desk? Make a cup of coffee? Check my emails? How many of us succumb each day to the wiles of procrastination? Well, I’m delighted to have the celebrated and extremely prolific writer, Arnold Pogostik, author of The Incredibly Cruel Creepy-Crawly That Kidnapped Kate, to tell us how he does it. Take it away, Arnold!

As a best-selling USA Today, NY Times and Nogglepool Literary Journal author, I’ve had several best-selling stories written, published and sold. My testimonials glow! But why keep my secret to myself? I’ve decided to share my amazing success with you in a fabulous four-part video, Crastination and How to Avoid It!

In this video you will learn the 8 essential steps of anti-crastination.:

  • Wage war on crastination. You have something you have to do? Do it now!
  • Actively prioritise. Before you make that cup of coffee, say to yourself, ‘Hang on! Isn’t there something more important I should be doing?’ If so, do it later. (Not the more important thing, the other thing. You should do the more important thing now.)
  • Immediately is the answer. The question is ‘When?’
  • Time is your friend. If there’s one inescapable truth that so few of us realise, it’s that time passes. Learn how to get time on your side. There’s no time like now, so sign up!

Look at the first letters of those four points. What do they spell? Geddit? Don’t do it!

The message in each video is so vital to your writing career that you should watch it twice, making 8 essential steps of anti-crastination.

 To sign up for the video, click here.

And get a fabulous, free Pogostik tee-shirt:


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      • Indeed, but most folks seem to have forgotten how to relax and enjoy due to constantly rushing around trying like rats, forgetting that to be healthy in mind and spirit one has to allot some quality time for oneself to at least relax with a coffee at an outdoor cafe or sit at the ocean to watch the waves and listen to the surf, etc.

  1. Hahaha! I knew a man who owned a round Tuit. He had it hanging in his cubicle at work. He still didn’t get much done, and worse, he no longer had any excuses.

    I believe you should speak and write the words “crastination” and “anti-crastination” loudly and persistently throughout the next year so that the OED might include them in its tome.

    Please thank Mr. Pogostik for his ironical video link.

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