N is for Need


Number 14 in The A to Z of the Writer’s Affliction, part of the A to Z blogging challenge.

Now, we all know that writers need to write, but do readers need to read? Or rather, if the number of books available to them was a fraction of what it is, would their need still be satisfied? The answer is surely yes. So do they need One Green Bottle by Curtis Bausse? The answer is no. Hence my own need for an advert…

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  1. Curtis… GOOD!!!!! Of course eveyone MUST read One Green Bottle!!!! People who haven’t read it don’t know what a lovely book it is!!!!! I love books… we need to read books as you need write them!!!! and…..Long Live to OGB!!!!!!

  2. I believe I know you slightly better than not at all, but not as well as if we’d actually met, however, if I were to imagine what sort of advert you would put together for your own book, this would be it. 😀

    • Well, I did because I like messing around with the software (got carried away a bit, it should be half the length) but also with a semi-serious intent to do something different from the slick but boring stuff that one usually finds. I just need to work on the concept a bit more…

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    • Thanks, Sylvia.The more the better, yes. Though I do quite fancy a world where for one week a year the only one available is mine. OK, yours too, since you insist… 😉

  4. Awesome video! And blog post for it! Got my click. And now maybe I’ll pick up your book. I can never read enough good stories! 🙂

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