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With the A-Z over, blogging now resumes a more reasonable schedule. Maybe twice a week. We’ll see. For the next few days probably not even that, as we have family visiting, including a granddaughter who’s more distracting than the whole of Zanzibar.

But other projects continue. The Writers’ Co-op went public yesterday, where I had the honour of writing the first post. As I’ve already stressed, it’s a fledgling project, but don’t hesitate to check it out – your contributions are not just welcome but indispensable!

And later today number 3 of the Yours Curtisly Newsletter goes out. In this issue, you’ll find:

  • the next instalments of the two ongoing series, Loss and The Authorised Biography of Curtis.
  • the chance to win an edit / critique of a story or book chapter.
  • the chance to win a free PDF of Perfume Island, due for release in September 2016. Apart from my beta readers, the winner (you) will thus be the first person to have it, complete with a cover (not the definitive one, therefore unique) and a personalised dedication. And if you so choose, you can even read it.

The prizes are won by being the first to answer two simple (well, up to a point) questions. As for the instalments, they’re very short, and if you missed the first two, they can be had by clicking on a Past Issues link at the top. So it’s never too late to sign up – a click below will get you there, and you’ll be in the nick of time for issue 3!


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  1. Thanks, Alba. Just spent half an hour moving plastic bottles in and out of a box. I had no idea it could be such a fascinating activity.

    • Enjoy every minute of your play time with your Granddaughter. There will be a time when she will prefer the keys to your car and gas money rather than a good game of Bottle Box! 📮

      • Ah, yes, and that time will come all too quickly! But we’ve just enjoyed the last ten days watching her enjoy the beach and push her plastic trolley endlessly up and down the corridor.

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