Flash Fiction: Say Something


‘He won’t say anything. Dumb as a mule.’

‘Mules are stubborn,’ said Owen, ‘not dumb. They bray. Eeaw! You know?’

‘Mule yourself.’ Jodie brought her face close to Gordon’s. ‘Why don’t you speak? Say something!’

Silence. The pair of them squared off, eyes fierce.

She was walking away in disgust when Gordon screamed, ‘Bitch!’

‘What? Would you care to repeat that?’

But Gordon was silent again and she carried on into the kitchen, fuming.

‘Ho, ho! So you can speak.’ Owen got up from his chair. ‘Who’s a clever boy, then?’ he said, poking a finger at the cage.

In response to Matt’s Flash Fiction Foray, where this week’s prompt was the song, Say Something by Christina Aguilera. If you want a longer story about bloody-minded parrots, Adena Graham’s Parrotlyctic amused me greatly. You’ll have to buy the To Hull & Back Short Story Anthology 2015 to read it, but there are 25 other stories which make the purchase worthwhile, including Besta, also by her, which you can read here.

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  1. I admit tI was confused when I read your “In response to…” paragraph. I took the illustration at face value and believed it was a story about a talking mule, bringing to mind the Looney Tunes’ Michigan J. Frog in One Froggy Evening.

    Yes, “bloody-minded parrots” make more sense. 😉

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