Merci, Mayotte Hebdo!

mayotte hebdo2

It was a fairly quiet week in Mayotte. No strikes, riots or barricades, no visiting French politicians promising to stop the flow of boat people from Comoros, not even a luxury cruise ship in the lagoon. So Mayotte Hebdo, not having much to write about, turned to me. I’d posted a tweet: Just taken a break from writing and noticedΒ that Mayotte is beautiful! So they saw it and got in touch and said, ‘A writer – good! Can we interview you?’ That’s one advantage of living on a tiny island: you don’t have to do much to make a splash (though that can have a flip side, obviously – depends what it is you do). Anyway, off I went to the 5/5 snack bar to meet Nora Godeau, who was bubbly and charming and wrote up a whole double page. Next up, The Times Literary Supplement. *Ahem*

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  1. Yay, Curtis! Nice picture and write-up—of the few words/phrases in French that I can read of it, anyway (wish I could read/speak more of it)! From February, yes? Again, congratulations. You and your hard work deserve this publicity. πŸ™‚

      • You could, Curtis . . . I’m sure it would be pretty interesting to those non-French readers among us. BTW, I haven’t forgotten the short story you sent me ages ago; just so swamped and digging out of everything, little bits at a time (not that your ms. is unpleasant; I like being busy).

        • No problem, Leigh, whenever you get round to it is fine. A little bit at a time is my own way of doing things, and eventually everything gets done. ☺

  2. Curtis, when I put Mayotte Hebdo in the google search engine and the search results come up, google notes – this site may be hacked and won’t let me in. Do you have a link?

  3. Congratulations! Have you purchased a crateful to place on magazine racks in Provence and other places you might visit? International airports? Christmas gifts for friends worldwide? I’ll be watching for that *ahem* The Times Literary Supplement.

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