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As the release date for Perfume Island approaches – mid-September, most likely – I’m trying to get organised. Still a long way from marketing-savvy, but one thing that will happen is a two week promotion next month for the first in the series, One Green Bottle. And after a bit of fiddling, I figured out how to add URL links to mobi and epub files. So I’ve added them at the end, like this:

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Pre-orders for Perfume Island (ebook) at a special discount rate of 99 cents open 5th September. Click here to get a reminder email when pre-orders open (there will be a single reminder, no other emails unless requested and no spam).

Now I’ve tested the links myself on kindle and iPad, but being a bit OCD about these things, I’d like to make sure they all work on other people’s devices. So I’m looking for kindle and iPad users to test them. Preferably people who haven’t already read the book (there are still a few billion left) – that way you’ll get it free and I’ll gain a few new readers. Or link testers, anyway. Who might also read the book. And enjoy it. I hope.

Well, anyway, if you drop me a line at curtis.bausse (at), I’ll send you a copy. Not a bad deal, eh?

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  1. I have a kindle, but never use it (and didn’t get that update in the last 6 mos-1 year that you had to get to keep it going). And no iPad. Sorry I can’t be of more help, Curtis. Good luck!

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