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Well, I said I’d run into snags with the launch of Perfume Island, which was to have been released two days ago. Actually, what I’ve run into is a cul de sac. I won’t go into details here (if you’re interested, there’s a longer explanation at the Writers’ Co-op), simply say that I don’t have a publisher for it any more.

Oh, well. I bear no grudge, the ending was amicable, and I’m grateful for our collaboration up to now. On the other hand, I can’t just pretend it hasn’t happened, which is why I felt the need to state it here. The world wasn’t exactly holding its breath, but there are at least a few people in the know, some of them poised to write a review on Amazon.

Funnily enough, it’s the second time this has happened to me, so maybe there’s a hidden message: bite the bullet and self-publish. Indeed, I have no alternative – finding an agent or publisher is a mountain to climb at the best of times, but no one will ever accept the second book in a series if they don’t already have the first.

So this is just to say that although the book is ready, and I could release it myself tomorrow if I wanted, I’m going to delay for another couple of months. Because much as I was a novice when One Green Bottle came out, I’ve read a lot since then and there’s no point launching a book without a promotion campaign.

So I’ve reversed out of the cul de sac, had a rethink of strategy and set out on a different course. It’s a bit like reaching the end of a marathon and being told they’ve added a few more miles. Good job I stocked up on energy bars.

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  1. Oh gosh what a pickle, but who knows this might be for the best. I wish you a million tonnes of luck and hope your journey to self publishing is as awesome as you are 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear about your derailment. I can tell you from my own experience that the most satisfying thing about self-publishing is that I’m in control of every detail. Nobody can screw up but me! Plus, if you’re lucky and do well with a self-published book you actually do have a shot at an agent or publisher. They will occasionally pluck indie books out of the pool …

    Good luck in your next steps.

    • Thanks, Kevin. For the moment, being in control is the main thing. I’ll no doubt screw up but learn as I go along. And I’ll be following in some esteemed footsteps 😉

  3. So frustrating! However, it sounds like you’ve made an informed decision, Curtis, and will continue to pursue publishing (as it is) today, which involves a lot of legwork for promotion, as you said. I would wish you luck, but you don’t need that; you’ve got a solid book that’s not, IMHO, riddled with (or even having a few) errors, and a compelling character in Magali and crew. Best wishes that you shall prevail!

  4. The thing about cul de sacs is that they have only one way out, and usually a nice, smooth curve to follow to make that 180 change in direction. Unless you know of a publisher’s house you’d like to drive through first…

  5. That is really unfortunate and very frustrating! I really enjoyed OGB and fully support you in Perfume Island. If self publishing is speaking to you…do it! You are ready, you know your market, and you can do this! You can gain a following on your own. You’re doing your own marketing anyhow, good publisher or no. It is going to be hard work, with or without someone turning some of those cranks on your behalf. You’re just going to keep about 60% more of your earnings this way. #teamcurtis

    • I love the teamcurtis, Amanda – thank you! Yes, it’s hard work but no more than the traditional way, probably. And you’re right about the earnings, though I’d never given much thought to that – 10% or 80% of practically nothing is practically nothing. But who knows? One day it might be something!

  6. Aww, just saw this. I’ve been holding onto my review waiting to hear where you want me to put it. (lol, nice answers only please!) 😉
    I wish you success in self-publishing. I’ve been telling my book-club people about your book, trying to get them to read it.

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