Flash Fiction Challenge: Stuff That Ain’t Working

For writers keen to salvage an idea that isn’t working…

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  1. Dear Curtis

    Here’s my biography and picture for the Cat Collection.

    I hope they’re OK,

    Mai x

    I’m a long time writer and cat lover from Ipswich, Suffolk, England.

    I started attending clubs in 2001 and in 2007 began sending work out to magazines. That was in the days of postal submissions.

    I remember my first time well. Having prepared a batch of six printed stories, complete with covering letters and carefully addressed A4 envelopes, I noticed a slight yellowing on the bottom of the last story. I grimmaced, I hoped, I sniffed – yes, that’s right – one of my little darlings must have somehow sneaked into my (closed!) paper box and decided that it made a lovely litter tray.

    My first thought was to risk it, maybe the editor wouldn’t notice, but in the end I redid them all using fresh paper and ultimately got one of the stories published.

    I’ve been writing ever since and, while I haven’t become the household name I once imagined, I’ve had a number of other pieces published and/or performed.

    In 2012 I started running writing groups in Ipswich and currently meet with a wonderful group of people called the ‘Damselfly Writing Group’ on Thursday evenings.

    I also stick my nose into other local writing events and co-administrate ‘Suffolk Writers Group’ on Facebook. If you’ve got a connection to Suffolk and are interested in writing, do look us up.

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  2. Hi Curtis

    Sorry if I’m still contacting you from the wrong place. I’m a bit confused about the right method.

    Here’s a new photo of me for the Cat Collection. You said the other one was too small. Hopefully this is better,

    Mai Black

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