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I’m doing the A to Z blogging challenge. Or rather, I’m not because I haven’t got time, so I’ve asked Smith instead. You remember Smith, don’t you? The Taunton tabby who co-edited the Cat Tales short story anthology with me. He’s very excited to be taking over the blog for a whole month. Me, I’m a little apprehensive – Smith can be rather unpredictable. But he rightly complained that there wasn’t much point going to the trouble of editing it if we didn’t do anything to promote it, so that’s his remit for the A to Z.

I wanted Smith to introduce himself here but he says he frantically preparing for the A to Z and hasn’t a minute to spare. He did take a look at the accounts, though, and since its release, Cat Tales has brought in 79.81 euros. That might not seem a lot but for the two charities the proceeds go to, Cats Protection and the Against Malaria Foundation, every penny counts. Smith did some research on this: for 6 euros, an orphaned kitten can receive 10 days’ worth of specialist milk. And 2.5 euros can buy a long-lasting insecticide treated mosquito net that will protect two people on average for 3 or 4 years: every single net matters.

What happened to the cats? In these 21 submissions to the first Book a Break short story competition, cats of many different kinds appear and disappear, roam far and wide, behave in mysterious ways. From dark and chilling to light-hearted and humorous, these stories focus on the power and mystery of cats. From ancient Egypt to modern Japan by way of war time Crete, the cats you’ll meet here will entertain you, frighten you, intrigue you and surprise you.
Each of the 21 stories is accompanied by original illustrations and the collection is prefaced by Smith, the terrifying tabby from Taunton who, when he’s not fighting other cats, likes nothing more than to read.

The prize-winning authors of these stories come from many countries and backgrounds. Some are starting out as promising young writers, some are confirmed authors. All used the prompt for the short story competition to craft a highly original tale.

As part of the promotion, the price of Cat Tales is just $1.99, starting today and for the whole month of April. Smith has calculated that each story you read will thus cost you just 9.48 cents! Which is indeed amazing value – a dime these days buys you practically nothing. By Smith’s reckoning, just 2.3 ounces of Meow Mix or a measly 0.4 ounces of a chicken gizzard. And here you’re getting a whole story for less. What’s not to like?

Cat Tales is available in print (black & white, $9.50) and as a kindle ebook in colour ($1.99) from Amazon, or as a PDF colour version directly from this site by clicking below.

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