Call to Photographers

The 2017 Book a Break anthology has a Journey theme. The 34 excellent stories in it are currently being edited and proofread. So now is the time to ask all photographers out there to submit a picture which fits with the theme, either in colour (for the ebook) or black and white (for both ebook and print).

The theme is open to many interpretations. The journey could be on roller skates, by recalcitrant mule or at the helm of an intergalactic spaceship. Unlike last year, the pictures won’t be linked to specific stories, but illustrations of your own approach to the theme. They need to be of a high enough resolution to look good either printed or on screen (minimum 300 dpi). For the ebook, I’d like to include a wide variety of arresting pictures; for the print book, only a few in order to keep costs down.

All photographers will be credited and will retain copyright of their picture. They will be able to include links to their website or other examples of their work. There can be no remuneration, however, as the proceeds go to charity (the Against Malaria Foundation).

Photo submissions can be sent to curtis.bausse(at)

Deadline: 20th July

Useless with a camera yourself? Not to worry – you can do your bit by sharing this far and wide. Many thanks, and happy snapping!


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