I’m thinking of moving, probably in August, to somewhere better suited to my needs. A place that’s more functional, where I can add bits and pieces as I want. Where I am now there are a lot of restrictions and I’m beginning to feel a little cramped. I’m still hesitating though. Moving is always a little stressful – so many things can break or get lost in the process. There’s also the problem that if I do go somewhere else, I’ll have to look after it myself, whereas here I have a team to do it for me. I’m pretty useless at DIY. Then there’s the risk that people won’t note my new address, so no one will find me there. Perhaps I’ll need to keep this address for a while after I move.

It’ll be my third move in four years. I still have my previous address but I haven’t been there for more than six months. Anyone who visits must wonder why it’s so deserted and derelict. I picture them wandering about, calling ‘Anyone here?’, then shrugging their shoulders and moving on. It would probably be better for me to demolish that place altogether.

OK, you’ve guessed by now: I don’t mean a new house but a new blog, specifically at The appeal of lies in its user-friendliness, but try to do anything outside of what the designers decide and you’re stuck. No plug-ins except the few they allow. It’s frustrating.

But it’s not just that. The main reason is that I want an author website that looks more professional. With Perfume Island planned for release (at last!) in September, a new look is needed. The question now is whether I design the new house myself or call on an architect. But whatever the new setup, there’ll still be a blog for you to follow. For which, I sincerely thank you.

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  1. Good luck with the move. I use WordPress as a secondary site, I’ve tried Niume and Virily have been showering me with invites. Meanwhile I’m back with my old faithful – not perfect but reliable. I’ll be interested to see where you go.

  2. This sounds serious, Curtis. I’ve experienced annoying WP issues since the last MS W10 update. But, I rather enjoy my laziness and hope that all the techy folks will figure it out without my prompting. Best of luck.

    • Thanks, Bill. Yes, the great thing with is the ease of use, – very appreciable! But I want to explore the possibilities of – if I can.

  3. I’ll be sticking with you Curtis.
    I’m thinking along the same lines myself, but I’ll probably wait until later in the year as I have trips to plan and ride first!

  4. Don’t forget to send us a postcard with the new address on it Curtis!
    ps. Wix is free (as long as you use wixsites in the URL) and has some nice ‘writing’ templates. Check them out. You too Dookes 🙂

  5. Will do, Alba. I’ve actually played with Wix – there are some nice things that can be done with it. I’m not sure how easy it is to get plug ins for it. I’ll have another look.

  6. You see Curtis, plugins are beyond my comprehension. I’ve thought of changing too but like I’ve been saying, Social Media is taking over my life and WP is so easy at the moment. I’ll wait and see where this takes you! ~Elle

  7. Hi Curtis – I tried WP first … but struggled and then struggled with blogspot too … but at least I got plain old reliable (usually) blogger up and running … so good luck – I’m always interested to read everyone’s process … cheers Hilary

      • Got any spare sons?! Please send them over!! Now I could do with a few children?! C’est la vie … have a good week end – oh and I haven’t much hair to rip out … another challenge!! Cheers H

        • Only the one son, I’m afraid, and as for the hair it’s less a matter of ripping it out than carefully choosing which of the few to pluck.

  8. I took a Continuing Education class last summer in WordPress, specifically geared toward professional sites. We started with and created off-internet sites to experiment with different themes, plugins, widgets, and customizations. Thousands of choices. I suppose that’s one of the reasons “WordPress is used by 59.1% of all the websites whose content management system we know. This is 28.2% of all websites.” (As of 15 June 2017, per

    They’ll still provide support, so you won’t be on your own. So will other web hosting companies that specialize in hosting WP sites, like GoDaddy or BlueHost. However, if I ever become a financially successful author, I will be tempted to hire a webmaster. lol

    • From what I’ve read, Bluehost seems the best hosting choice. My doubt is whether I’ll be able to customise a theme to the point where it looks like what I have in mind, based on perusing other author websites. And I don’t want to lose too much time or sanity in the process.

  9. Good luck with the time and sanity concerns. I’m looking forward to seeing your end product. I’m still building one in Pantheon that will transfer to whichever host I eventually choose, but it’s a long way from going public.

  10. One of the pitfalls of moving is dangling links if anybody linked to a post on a blog that is not there any more.

    Yes, it is frustrating that has a zillion themes but no way to mix and match. I may like the basic layout of one theme but prefer how another theme does comments, and so on. But I have to pick just one theme and then try to make it tolerable. I do what little customization is possible w/o paying extra; I paste some HTML templates into the HTML tab to override some bad choices in how the main content is displayed.

    I have not used Blogspot, but I often read posts in several of the blogs on it. Posts in those blogs have no [Like] button, which is annoying to anybody who wants to express a positive feeling but does not have anything specific to say. (As both an old Yankee and a nerd, I loath being expected to say something when I have nothing new to say.) If I do want to comment on a post in one those blogs, I have found the interface to be clunky and buggy. Dunno whether these issues are pervasive in Blogspot or peculiar to the several blogs I have visited there.

    • Very true about the broken links – an inevitable drawback of moving. I’m still exploring, weighing up the issues, not yet in any hurry to make a decision. I’m not a fan of blogspot – not only is there no ‘like’ but commenting on them is sometimes a veritable obstacle course.

  11. I’ve been in this situation for months now too…and being hopeless with big complicated decisions, I keep putting it off. Good luck if you do decide to move to .org, I reckon it’ll be worth it.

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