Where do the nets go?

The Book a Break short story competition is in its third year. From the outset, it was decided to donate the proceeds of the resulting anthology to charity, specifically the Against Malaria Foundation. Writers who submitted their stories have all kindly accepted to forego any royalties, knowing that they go instead to the fight against malaria.

One key reason for choosing the AMF is that Give Well, which assesses charities for cost-effectiveness, "it offers donors an outstanding opportunity to accomplish good with their donations".

The two minute video here shows the distribution of LLINs (long-lasting insecticide-treated nets) in Malawi, which along with Togo has benefitted from the donation of proceeds from the Book a Break anthologies. 

By developed country standards, the revenue generated by sales of the anthologies is tiny - over two years, we're talking in the region of $200. But that sum has bought 70 nets, which now protect over 100 people for up to three years.

My thanks, then, to all who have helped with the Book a Break, writers and readers alike. For me, the experience of compiling and editing the anthologies has been enriching, and in the course of it, I've made the acquaintance of many wonderful people and excellent writers. 

I recently added a page on the AMF website where people can donate directly a sum of their choice. If they then contact me, I'll send them the two anthologies so far published (here is a review of the 2017 anthology). You get good stories to read, people get protected from malaria - there can't be a better win-win situation than that.

Thanks to   Shilpa GargSimon FalkLynn HallbrooksEric LahtiDamyanti Biswas and Guilie Castillobe  for hosting this month's WATWB.

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  1. Hi Curtis – those impregnated nets are such a brilliant idea – I’m so pleased the sales of the anthologies have helped … at least 100 people can sleep more easily … thank you for updating us – Hilary

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