People come out here, they do things they wouldn’t do back home…

All they wanted was a quiet evening together. Then came the phone call. And a chain of events which would take Magali Rousseau into the sinister heart of the tropical island of Mayotte. Where a gloss of beauty hides a tangle of contradictions and fears. Where the scent of perfume covers the stench of poverty. And where Magali goes on a perilous search for the truth.

In 2011, Mayotte became France’s 101st department. Generosity? Or the cynical occupation of a colony? Perfume Island – a mystery story where the setting itself is a mystery. A geopolitical oddity seething with tension. A wonderland waiting to explode.

And everyone is paying the price.


Perfume Island, second in the series, can be read as a standalone book. It was released in November 2017.

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A private detective catches dodgy salesmen and adulterers, right?


Magali Rousseau’s first case, and it’s murder. Then comes another. And another. Until she finds herself trapped with a killer whose only aim is to make her his tenth – and final – victim.

Set in Provence, One Green Bottle is not just about the hunt for a serial killer. It’s also the story of a woman in search of a new life. But in a man’s world, she can only succeed by defeating her own doubts.

Magali Rousseau. A woman worth getting to know. 


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Six illustrated essays that unlock the origin of some of the material that went into One Green Bottle.

Why was the killer’s first victim obsessed with Napoleon Bonaparte? Why did Magali claim to be a psychotherapist? Where, indeed, did Magali herself come from?

Irreverent and humorous, but also instructive, the essays combine research and reflections with anecdotes from my own life. If, as Flaubert wrote, ‘a book is a constant fusion of illusion and reality’, here is a glimpse of some of the reality that lies behind the illusion.

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