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Many days since I posted – my apologies! The reason is, I’ve been busy with Various Things, so without further ado, a list, in no particular order:

  • the new website: getting my mind round and Beaver Builder. It’s not too difficult, but still takes time. The longest was deciding on a theme, but that’s done now, so it’s a matter of working on the layout and getting some content together. Maybe ready towards the end of the month.
  • Making a Murder: six illustrated essays about the writing of a murder mystery. Plenty of humour, but informative too. To be released along with the new website – free to anyone signing up to my newsletter.
  • To The Right Place: a short story to appear in Dan Alatorre’s The Box Under The Bed, an anthology of scary stories. Due for release October 1st. Click here to pre-order your copy for just $0.99.
  • With Our Eyes Open: My own anthology of stories submitted to this year’s Book a Break short story competition. In the final stages of formatting. 34 stories on the theme of a journey. A great variety of voices, characters and situations that will take you everywhere from Nairobi to Pluto. Cover coming soon. Due for release 15th October – not to be missed!

So I’ve been pretty much tied to the computer. But still managed to take a few walks in the countryside round Le Beaucet, where we’re staying for a couple weeks. Just long enough to notice that it’s actually rather pretty.


Now, where was I? Ah, yes – better get back to editing that story…



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  1. Sometimes it’s hard to get motivated with what you need to do with everything around you going on. Right now I should be writing but I’m instead glued to the weather station waiting out Hurricane Irma. And NOT wanting to evacuate. So far I’m staying put. Beautiful picture! ~Elle

  2. Hi Curtis – I agree with Mellow Curmudgeon above … the commune looks way too attractive to be tied to a computer …but glad things are progressing – good luck to completing the projects – cheers Hilary

  3. Well, you’ve been very busy indeed, Curtis. Congratulations on the short story in Dan’s upcoming anthology. I will definitely skip over there and order a copy. And I can’t wait to read the ‘journey’ anthology you’ve put together, although the cat-themed stories will be tough to top! Best wishes to you, Curtis!

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